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4. My take on meal delivery kits

My take on meal delivery kits

In this episode #4 of the Casual Kitchen Podcast, I talk about meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron or Marley Spoon.

There are definitely a lot of upsides to those services for those amongst us that don’t really enjoy cooking all that much or are “too busy to cook”. As someone who has extensively tried Marley Spoon’s offerings, I can wholeheartedly recommend services like this (no, this is definitely NOT a paid review. My mom recommended them to me so I gave them a try).

If someone would like to use my Marley Spoon referral link, please let me know.

Recipe of the week:
Double Choc Brownies

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Ad music: “Kitchen” by Noah Bonds (npbonds)

Recorded: 9 July 2017
Featured Segments: Casual Talk, Recipe of the Week
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