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In the past years, Casual Kitchen has been available in German only. This is due to the fact that a) I live in Germany (and thus am a native German speaker) and b) I intended to do something for the german speaking community.

Nevertheless, a lot of people I know don’t speak German and so I was asked to provide an English version of my show/recipes. As it is right now, neither this website nor the show itself are available in English or provide any means to be consumed outside the German speaking community.

This is about to change soon. Stay tuned!

If any of my previous recipes look interesting to you and you’d like to try them, just drop me a line on Twitter (or via email) and I’ll send you a translated version.

What is Casual Kitchen

Casual Kitchen, that means simple, healthy and really quick recipes for every situation.
‘No time’ isn’t an excuse anymore.

Most of my recipes can be prepared in 30min or less and don’t require advanced cooking skills (some times you don’t even need basic skills!). With Casual Kitchen, the average (single) mom/dad, student or just anybody with a stressful job can cook a perfectly good meal and stay away from pre-packaged, crappy (fast-) food.